over coming f.e.a.r

by Charles Petty and Kim Petty

Overcoming F.E.A.R.

Most of us have heard what this acronym stands for:

F – False E – Evidence A- Appearing R – Real

A lot of us don’t realize how this can truly impact our life.

In real estate investing, as in any venture in your life, you will have to step out on faith. This simply means that you believe that something good will happen; that you will be able to make it work. Stepping out on faith means that you believe in yourself. This doesn’t mean that you go off half-cocked, but that you prepare yourself and know that you will be able to deal with the unknown.

This can be a scary thing. Stepping out on faith is not something that many of us are comfortable with. In fact, we often talk ourselves out of doing something, rather than into it. Then, there are all the well-intentioned naysayers in our lives. They take their fears and put them onto us. They mean well, but they can make you miss out on your dreams. They would never have the guts to go out and do something like this, and they can’t see you doing it either. They don’t see themselves as snatching your dream away. They probably think that they are protecting you. But many times, snatch away your dreams is exactly what they do.

It is okay to be afraid when you are starting something new. It is perfectly normal. The important thing to remember is that you can’t let that fear stop you. You can use it as a tool to make sure you are prepared. Fear will make you feel a little on edge. Use that extra energy to make sure that you have all of your decks in a row. Make sure that you are as prepared as you can be. Use the fear, don’t let it paralyze you.

Educate yourself. Get coaching. Find a mentor. Do what you can to prepare yourself. But remember, at some point, you will have to stop preparing and do something. You will have to step out on faith. That is a good thing. It allows you to test yourself and the courage of your convictions. Things probably won’t work out exactly liked you planned. And that is okay too. It is when we are dealing with challenges that we learn new ways of doing things. We see things in a different light. In fact, we see ourselves in a different light. You might not know how strong you really are until you put yourself out there. You won’t know what you can truly accomplish until you push yourself.

So remember, it is okay to be afraid. Fear can’t hurt you, unless you let it stop you; instead, step out on faith.

Remember, faith can move mountains.

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