Steps For Building A Website

by Michael Blair

There are not many steps for building a website. The secret is just “do it”, don’t wait until you are some kind of expert, you will learn as you build the first one, then two, then three, and so on …

1. To begin with you either need to be an expert at coding HTML, PHP, ASP, Java Script or…. superior yet, do not worry about knowing anything and just get yourself a website builder, a program or tool that puts together a website for you with tiny effort .The tools can be gotten for free or bought and others are available for a nominal cost (considering what they can do) if you’ve something “special” in mind.

Website builder applications often allow you to develop websites with tiny to no HTML or technical know-how.

Bet you-re thinking that these things are costly. Go ahead and do a search on Goggle or Yahoo for “free website builder”…., what did you find?….a few hundred thousand sites with them. Go ahead and get a few, try them out, I am sure you’ll find at least one that works.

But … you say, “I have a real job where I work 40 – 50 hours a week, I’ve a family and lots of other commitment on my time, I do not have the time to work a second job”. There are also programs you can purchase, quality ones for way under $100, that won’t just help you put together one page, they’ll build an entire site for you. Some will build you a small, quality, content filled website of 5 – 10 pages, other will build you a thousand page website in a matter of minutes.

These allow you to put in some articles that you wrote, or had written for you (.doc or .text), the content of the page, or a bunch of keywords, and when you click the “Go”button they generate a few pages or a thousand pages, whatever you wanted.

2. Another thing you need, of course is a, domain name. Do a search for “choose a domain name” and you will find the steps to selecting a good domain name (there are too many recommendations for this article). Another idea is to go check out, they are totally free and might help you find the domain name you want. You should not use the name of a well-known company or product, any variation of that name, in hopes of attracting people to your site. Not only is this unethical and it may subject you to legal problems.

3. The next thing to do is to find “hosting” for your website. A host is who puts your website on the World wide web. You give them your file, you FTP the files from your computer to theirs and “viola” your website appears.

4. Content for the pages of your website. The more interesting the content on your site the more visitors you will have, and if you hope to make money, selling products, services or Goggle’s Ad sense, you want as many visitors as you can get. You also want them to be in the buying mood after they read your content.

You can write these yourself or you can hire people, on the internet, who can write for you.

Pretty easy huh? Sure you do need work on some search engine optimization items, such as the keywords and meta tags of the pages of your new website.

After that you’ll want to work on generating traffic to your website via manually submitting your site to some of the search engines, writing and submitting articles, and maybe even setting up a blog.

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