The Sensational Apple iPhone

by Russell M. Stewart

Before and after it was released, the iPhone created quite a hype. There are several reasons to explain why it made a massive impact on the technical-minded groups and beyond. The iPhone is different, gives out a powerful impression, packs advanced technology and is feature-rich, all in a single small-sized gadget. It’s a combination between a mobile phone and an iPod.

Named ‘Invention of the Year 2007’ by Time magazine, it uses a degree of technology that has never been introduced before. It has all the standard features of a regular mobile phone.

The features available on the iPhone include the ordinary caller ID, call merging, conferencing, caller holding and various cellular network integration functionalities. Besides these, its unique features include the noteworthy visual voicemail feature. The convenient functionality lets you access your voicemail messages individually and directly, instead of listening to all the messages serially.

The internet browsing capability is another important feature in the iPhone. An HTML email client provides easy and quick access and you can sync bookmarks between your iPhone and computer easily. Safari, the best mobile web browser, is what’s used in the iPhone.

The iPhone becomes very convenient if you are stuck in a traffic jam and need to find alternative routes. The Google Maps feature in it helps you view different maps and satellite images and focus on specific geographical locations to get more information on traffic.

The iPhone certainly makes life a whole lot easier. It has a small 3.5 inch screen that is touch controlled. It is a bigger screen than is typically seen on a mobile phone. This allows the quality of pictures and video to be considerably better.

The phone is sensitive to its surroundings as well. For instance, if the phone is too close to the users face, it will shut off to prevent any facial featrues from making any accidental entries on the phone. It will also adjust the display brightness based on the surroundings and it will change the angle of the screen based on the phone’s angle.

The iPhone has become the must-have technological gadget of our time. Downloadable music and movies, sleeker look, WiFi connectivity and larger screen have contributed to the iPhone’s charm. Intriguingly, while the iPhone has so many functions, the majority are known to use it just for checking emails on the move. Statistics show that over 77% of iPhone owners check email on it. The other popular activities among iPhone users include internet surfing and downloading.

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