Thinking About Getting An Iphone? Here Are Some Reasons To Get One!

Getting all your social media on the iphone is easy. However, some people are unaware of how they can do that. Never fear; this article will help you use your iphone in the best way possible.

The “X” button is not needed after each AutoCorrect suggestion. Just tap the screen! The suggestion box will close automatically.

When you need to perform a math function, use your iPhone’s calculator. You can use it easily in the usual vertical position or turn your phone horizontally for a sleek scientific calculator look.

TIP! Setting alerts and reminders is very easy; use this feature for your appointments and other obligations. But, did you know that you can set reminders that trigger notifications based on your physical location? You might say something like, “Remind me to go to the gas station on the way to pick up the kids.

Once you know how the volume button can be used to take a photo, try using the headphone cord to snap a picture. Most headphones contain a button you can press to take a photograph. Using this technique will help ensure your photos are crisp and clear.

Use a little restraint when adding apps to your iphone. There are many apps available for an iphone including free apps and those that charge money. Some will give you hidden charges, which could cost you a lot of money over time.

The iphone gives you the flexibility of being able to capture a picture directly from the cord your headphones. First, set up the picture you wish to snap. When you have that set up, and are ready to shoot the picture, push the button down on the cord. The picture is taken! To save, do as you would normally do.

TIP! Are you writing in another language or using a foreign word? You can add accented letters to your text. Well, luckily for you it’s a relatively easy process.

Have a little fun playing with your iphone. The more you play with the phone and try out unfamiliar features, the more familiar you’ll get with how your iphone works. It will probably take you hours or even days to become fully acquainted with its capabilities, but messing around with it and having fun will allow you to get the most out of this useful device.

Direct Sunlight

Make sure that you do not expose your iphone to direct sunlight for long periods of time. When in sunlight for too long, your phone could stop working. While internal components are durable enough to withstand typical weather conditions, extreme heat and exposure to direct sunlight can wreak havoc on the device.

TIP! It may not be a good idea to use Siri. Apple makes note of these recordings and puts them on their internal server.

If you go to a website over and over again, turn the site into an app on your iphone. You just need to visit the site itself. Tap “Go” when you have the site loaded in your browser. This gives you the ability to put this site on your home screen. After it has been added, simply rename it to create the app.

If you want to access several email accounts from your iphone, name each one something different. It is hard to navigate through email accounts that are named the same. Using unique names makes it easier to keep your accounts straight.

If the iphone is wet, dry it with rice. You should of course avoid dropping your iphone in water. Wipe off your iphone and then place it into a rice-filled bag. Once the rice has had several hours to absorb moisture (leaving your phone in the bag overnight is ideal), your phone should be dry again.

TIP! If you’ve got clumsy tendencies, do yourself a favor and buy an iPhone case immediately. A lot of people drop their iphones and crack their screens.

Knowing how to use your iphone will make you feel more comfortable with the device. This way, you can stay in touch with friends or relatives all the time. iPhones are a necessary item because they made this possible.