What Is a Reverse Phone Number Look up

by Pauline Stradlen

A reverse phone number lookup is very useful in this day and age when every one has a cellphone, for example you may have written down someones number but can’t remember who it was that gave it to you. If the phone number is a landline number it is relatively easy to use a reverse lookup service to get information on the owner, including their name and address. It can be more difficult however to perform a reverse lookup on a mobile phone number. The main reason for this is that the free directories don’t have access to the cell numbers, as they are held independently by each individual carrier company.

It is possible to gain access to this information though, unfortunately not for free. There are several sites that hold databases on both residential and mobile phone numbers. The phone number records that are held by the phone companies are sold to other third party companies who can access the details for you for a fee.

There is a large amount of information available on these databases, not only names and addresses, but also civil records, criminal records, and any information you need for a background check. You can often search as many numbers as you like for a small one-time fee, and you can also search for information on unlisted numbers.

Any information you get from a good quality paid service will be equal to that you would pay money for a private investigator to obtain. The information you get could be used for any number of reasons, check up on a new babysitter, background checks on employees, even your daughter’s new boyfriend!

I would warn you against sites that offer free reverse phone number look ups, as in my opinion they are often covers for paid companies. I have not yet found a free service that can access both mobile phone and residential information. These sites will normally let you run a search for free but will then charge you for the results, this can be extremely frustrating.

After you have run a search, you will probably be redirected to another site where you will be expected to pay for a service. The good quality sites that will charge you for a reverse phone number look up, do so for a good reason. These sites pay for access to the cellphone companies large databases, and they need to recover these costs. Don’t forget that these sites should offer a moneyback guarantee, if they don’t then look for another.

There are lots of different reasons why you would run a reverse phone number look up, checking on a cheating partner, or getting information on your teenager his new friends. These services provide a very useful tool that will become important in the future.

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