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by Ethan Hunter

Validate your Windows registry

Before we proceed to find out the right tool to set errors right in Windows registry, it is worthwhile to understand briefly what Windows registry is. Windows registry is a database which stores the settings of your Windows operating system, including your software and hardware configurations. It also holds information relating to any application software you install, update, uninstall, or make any changes to your original settings.

Information gets added to your Windows registry as you carry on executing application software in your PC. Most of this information is either incorrect or unnecessary repetitions. This, in fact, takes up a large part of the registry, and as it goes on occupying more and more space, your computer slows down. When your PC executes an instruction, relevant information is retrieved from your Windows registry. If the registry becomes too large, the computer takes time to locate that particular information. At this time it becomes necessary to correct the errors in your registry to have your computer run faster. You will find several registry cleaner downloads if you search the Internet, and you could download the appropriate software to clean up the errors in your Windows registry.

Whenever registry error occurs, you get specific error indications in your PC. These errors include:

– Repeated error messages. – Your computer takes a long time to boot and operations slow down extensively. – The system hangs quite often. – Repeated application errors. – Computer fails to boot intermittently.

To have your PC run faster, you need to remove errors in your Windows registry. In order to optimize the registry, you may select the appropriate free registry cleaner download from the Internet, and run the software to remove the registry errors. To select a proper registry cleaner, you may refer to various user reviews on the Internet for different registry cleaning software. Many of the websites offer an online registry scan which you may try, provided you are sure of the authenticity of the site. Online scanning may bring in virus and malware into your system.

The Windows registry could also be cleaned manually, but for this you need to be well versed with what you are doing, and the task is tedious and time consuming. On the other hand, the same task could be done in minutes with registry cleaner software. The software that you choose should be easy to install and use. Software, which is too complicated, will not be easy for you to run. Even if you could manage to run the software, you would not get the full advantage that it offers.

The registry cleaner should be able to optimally fix the errors in your Windows registry. One of the free registry cleaner downloads should provide you with the features that you want. You may also download trial versions of registry cleaning software offered by some of the websites and try them out first before buying one for your use. Each of the registry cleaning software is different from the other, having different features, offering different kinds of benefits. There are the ones which offer a mixture of features and some just offer software which scans your registry and do not remove the errors.

Look for registry cleaning software which would automatically create a back up of your registry before it starts to scan. Along with the creation of a backup, it should also generate a system restore point. You can find several free registry cleaner downloads, which provide you with these facilities and have a distinct advantage of restoring your system to its original state if something happens to go wrong.

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