System Specifications needed for the Da Vinci Code Computer Game

by Rex Simpleton

The requirements of the system are not just limited to only some computer systems, but form a part of all the games. No such game exists in this world that does not need any specific system requirements to run the game properly. Besides this, all the requirements needed by the game form a part of the device that a gamer must have.

On comparing, video games have lower requirements for the system as the game that is produced is limited to a certain device that it would be played on. Also, the developers of the game know about that certain system or the console on which their game would be played on.

Many of the game developers manufacture the gaming consoles of their own in order to lower the specifications of a system needed for the game to be played. However, it is not true that the game programs are limited to only these developers to be regulated. There is no such law that regulates the limitations of production of games and their development. There are so many game developers that are not associated with other developers who develop and market gaming consoles. The game developers see to it that the basic requirements are met from a system on which the game would be played.

The most common hardware that is being used to play with certain games is the personal computer. However, there are plenty of versions and specifications that is present nowadays that a personal computer may have. You may find different makes and capacity of processors, video cards, sound cards, RAM, etc. in the market. These specifications are very helpful in thinking what your computer may do for you.

Every particular game has its own system specifications and requirements. These requirements are generally laid in order to achieve the best possible audio and video quality, and superb playing environment output for the gamer playing the game. It is very hard to imagine playing a game on a useless computer system, jarred audio output, and low resolution display, where one could never be happy playing a game on it.

One of the games that may require special specification to the user is the Da Vinci Code. This game was inspired by the book and the movie that was shown early this year. This game is about Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu’s quest for answers on the secrets of the Priory of Sion and other sects. Their quest was later situated in the game of death when they discover a very critical secret which can possibly ruin the Catholic faith.

The requirements for the game Da Vinci Code are usually limited to the home personal computer system. The system must have these specifications in order to run the game.

Some of the basic specifications required by the system are:

Speed of Processor – the minimum speed of the processor needed to run the game is usually 1.8GHz. The company of the system is not important but those manufactured by Pentium are recommendable. The faster the speed of the processor, the better it would run and execute commands of the game. This factor is responsive of the acceptation of data coming from the gamer. This game requires a higher speed as the picture and graphics display and other features are high.

Environment – this game could easily run on windows XP and higher versions of the windows.

RAM – the requirement of this game for RAM is as high as 512MB. This memory is used to temporarily store data that will be sent for the processor. The faster the RAM the faster the processor will execute.

Disc Space – the Da Vinci Code game requires a space of 3GB in the computer system. This space is relatively large as compared to a computer system but is just perfect to play this game.

Video Card – for a good resolution of graphics, the game needs a 64MB DirectX 9c compatible graphic card.

CD-ROM – the game require the average speed of the CD-ROM that equals to 6X. However, the game prefers the user to use a DVD-ROM instead.

There are some places used in the game, which are not stated or mentioned about in the book or the movie. The player needs to solve Meta Puzzles and decipher codes from cryptex. The gamer is supposed to finish 90 levels in the game. If the computer system that is used fulfills the requirements laid by the game, then he could easily enjoy each and every aspect of the game to the fullest.

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