Tips on Evaluating and Comparing Suppliers of Printer Cartridges

by Frank Bolsom

It has always been difficult to compare printer cartridge suppliers. They all used different methods of testing their cartridges, and the specifications from one couldn’t be compared with another.

In recent years this situation has changed. Requirements for tests of monochrome inkjet cartridges put in place by the International Standards Organization (ISO) were adopted by most of the companies that supply ink in the summer of 2004.

The ISO works to create industry standards that allow consumers to rate and compare competing products in a fair and unbiased manner.

With the ISO standards for printer cartridges, it give the consumer a reliable way of comparing brands and manufacturers of ink. The reported yield from their cartridges are all determined using the same methods, so the numbers are directly comparable.

The standardization by the ISO specified these points:

– The test prints must use the printer’s default settings

– Temperature is strictly controlled while test examples are being printed.

– Both the cartridges and the printers used for testing must be available to the average consumer

– 9 of each cartridge must be tested for statistical validity

– 3 cartridges must be tested on 3 different printers to eliminate a single printer causing the numbers to be skewed

When considering which ink supplier you want to offer your business to, think about reliability, overall quality, and delivery in addition to numbers produced by testing.

Keeping notes on your own printing results is another way to decide which ink suppliers prove themselves to be deserving of your purchase.

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